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85th academy awards was a mix of satire, silliness -- >> the show is a disaster. >> reporter: and song and dance. ♪ just the way you look tonight ♪ >> reporter: daniel day-lewis' portrayal of lincoln earned him his third best actor oscar. quipping to presenter meryl streep -- >> three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> reporter: while best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> you're just standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's really embarrassing. but thank you. this is nuts. >> reporter: and anne hathaway was this year's favorite to win best supporting actress. >> here's hoping that someday in the not too distant future, the misfortunes of fantine will be found only in story, and never more in real life. thank you.
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>> christoph waltz. >> reporter: while "django unchained's" christoph waltz took home best supporting actor. ang lee won best director for "life of pi." >> thank you, movie god. >> reporter: a lot of music last night, including james bond music. "skyfall" ended up winning two oscars. that's a lot for a james bond movie. "argo" and "les mis" took three. and "life of pi" took home four. i'm craig gropper, reporting live. john, diana, back to you guys. >> craig, a quick question for you, looking at the line above the winner this year, seems like a lot of the previous winners won again. >> reporter: it was something. a lot of guys and women who have been up there before. for instance, we mentioned daniel day-lewis, he won his third oscar. ben affleck won before, more than ten years ago, a screenwriting award for "goodwill hunting." and then how about quentin tarantino and christoph
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waltz, they both won their second. they do good work together. >> thank you, craig gropper, live in hollywood. >> the real fun happens at the parties. the most exclusive invite is the "vanity fair" soiree. halle berry and richard gere among the attendees. >> and then there's elton john's oscar viewing bash. tim allen and jane lynch turned out for that party. coming up at 7:00, the entire "gma" team is there for a complete roundup. you don't want to miss it. breaking news this morning, a moderate earthquake shook japan for about 30 seconds this morning. the magnitude 6.2 shake did not trigger a tsunami. the strongest shaking about 100 miles north of tokyo. no damage reported at nuclear plants. pope benedict, in his final week of his papacy. his resignation becomes official
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on thursday. about 100,000 people were there for his final sunday blessing. today, he's expected to issue new rules allowing the cardinals to bring forth the start of the conclave which will elect the next pope. to washington, where it's four days until the automatic spending cuts kick in. the president is warning about devastating consequences. still, there's no deal on the table. tahman bradley reports from washington. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are set to introduce proposals to stop the across the board spending cuts. neither side thinks a bill can get through congress before friday's deadline. >> unless the republicans are willing to compromise, and do a balanced approach, i think it will kick in. >> it will kick in. >> reporter: president obama is turning up pressure on congressional republicans with his administration details how the program cuts will affect spending in every state.
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>> thousands of educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to have to find child care for their kids. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks. >> reporter: it could mean a furlough of meat inspectors. potentially means a shutdown of meat and poultry plants. >> i think the prices may go up a little bit at first. i think the product won't be available. >> reporter: some of the cuts won't be felt right away. because agencies must wait at least 30 days before forcing employees to take unpaid days off. the republicans accuse the president of using fear tactics. but they admit the cuts would be harsh. >> i can find lots of waste and mismanagement. but by god, the across the board cuts are the worst and most cowardly way to approach this situation. >> reporter: the president wants additional tax revenue. the republicans say no way. after congress raised taxes back
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in january. another round of heavy snow battering the plains this morning. hitting some of the same areas still recovering from last week's storm. now the denver area got the worst of it yesterday, up to a foot of blowing snow had cars and trucks sliding on the roads. the blizzard is moving east this morning, bearing down on west texas, oklahoma city, and much of kansas. by the time it's over, there may be 15 inches of snow on the ground. time for the rest of the weather from across the nation. gusty winds from new orleans to tennessee. heavy rain and thunderstorms from east texas, little rock, and atlanta. snow from the cascades to the colorado rockies. rain around seattle and portland. >> 42 in boise. 36 in salt lake city. mostly 30s in the nation's midsection. 40s in the northeast. when we come back, the aftermath of a wild weekend for nascar. plus business news, have gas prices finally topped out? new indications that relief is on the way. and we'll go back to l.a., for much more on the oscars, the morning after. including the most talked about
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dress on the red carpet. stay with us.
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welcome back. gas prices are getting closer to $4 a gallon. but they might not get there. gasoline this morning averages $3.78 a gallon, 47 cents more than a month ago. there's hope. the wholesale price is coming down as refineries finish annual maintenance. bp goes on trial today on whether it violated the clean water act in the oil spill three years ago.
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there are reports on progress on a settlement. opening arguments are scheduled for today. there will be unhappy workers at yahoo! this morning. the internet company no longer wants employees to work from home. a leaked memo says speed and quality are often sacrificed when employees are not physically together. the employees are blaming new ceo marissa mayer for the changes. the airline industry sees rising demand from business travelers now that the economy is improves. they're increasing fees for booking within seven days of departure. and with all eyes on hollywood and the oscars, the box office was off this weekend. that gave "identity they have" the chance to steal its way back to the top. making the comedy the biggest hit so far this year. "identity thief" had $14
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million. "snitch" opened with $13 mill. and escape from earth was third. the wild aftermath from the crash in daytona. and speaking out, the mother of oscar pistorius's girlfriend, speaking out for the first time about life without reeva. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries.
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three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, um, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. um -- and meryl was -- >> that's a funny line from best actor winner daniel day-lewis. let's look at the morning road conditions. slick roads from the pacific northwest.
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a wet ride from east texas through much of the southeast. if you're plying, airport delays possible in dallas, houston, new orleans, and atlanta. the aftermath from a wild weekend of nascar racing in florida. jimmie johnson won the daytona 500 yesterday. >> the real headlines were made saturday in nasty crash that destroyed cars and injured dozens of speck tarts. matt gutman has the details. >> reporter: it was vintage nascar. the fireworks, bravado. and the speed. jimmie johnson taking home the biggest trophy in nascar. danica patrick who made history earlier in the week be being the first woman the take pole position, finished eighth. most of the cars come around the bend with such force, it's incredible. they're flying in at 200 miles an hour. when they pass, you can't hear anything. and it was that speed when -- >> contact! >> reporter: an artillery blast
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of debris right into the stands of the nationwide race. a pack of cars, waiting at the finish line, as kyle larson's 32 car cart wheeled into the stands. >> all you could do was get down. you could see the stuff coming. >> reporter: you can see his car disintegrate. one of his tires launched into the crowd. 28 injured. two seriously. a minor. look at this speck tark ducking. the engine piercing the metal catch fence. >> the car was right here. the axle. engine, everything. >> reporter: right here? >> right here. >> reporter: look at the fence fix at uncanny speed. >> a piece of wire came up and hit me in the back. a guy right next to us got it in the leg, cut up pretty bad. >> reporter: brandon admitted he was tear fied to return. >> you know at any moment,
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somebody could get turned again. you just never know. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, daytona beach, florida. for the first time since their daughter was killed, we're hearing from the family of reeva steenkamp. her father says he will be able to forgive pistorius one day if he really did shoot reeva by accident. >> i said, all i want to know is she's alive or she's dead? the man said he was with the police and he said, i'm sorry to have to tell you, but i don't want you to go up and read it in the paper. she's dead. >> meanwhile, pistorius' family is confirming that older brother carl is facing a homicide charge from 2008 where a female motorcyclist was killed.
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luckily, no one was killed or ing juried in this zen in houston. the vehicle involved wound up implanted in a house. police sate was going 90 miles an hour when it hit an embankment. it danged one house and landed inside of a second. there were people in both homes. no one was injured. the driver of the car, lifted up by a crane, walked away. >> unbelievable. up next, the pulse. we're going back to look at the hottest looks from oscar night. and a familiar face was right there among them. our own robin roberts, in hollywood. we'll be right back. i was living with pain -- all over. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain.
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♪ ♪ no matter where they go we will learn their little secrets we will know the things they know ♪ absolutely one of the most talked about moments from the 85th academy awards. the cast of "les mis" sounding absolutely incredible. >> no doubt about that. >> and the big award for the night, best picture, went to ben affleck's "argo." good for him. the first lady was the one who announced the winner. >> that is special stuff. affleck talked about the last time he was there and what a long journey i it has been. >> i was here 15 years ago or something. i had no idea what i was doing. sit out here in front of you
4:20 am
all, really just a kid. i went out and i never thought that i would be back here. and it doesn't matter -- how you get knocked down in life. because that's going to happen. haul that matters is that you gotta get up. >> good advice there. he was snubbed as best director. making the film one of four that won the best picture without the director being nominated. >> his public relations team has been knocking it out of the park. >> jennifer lawrence scored on the gorgeous gown. she can blame the helpline on the stumble. >> amy adams in a flowing gown. and jessica chastain went old hollywood by wearing armani.
4:21 am
>> pale was the way to go. halle berry went for the edgy look in a plunging versace. so did naomi watts with a sparkling armani. >> i think if anybody else had tried to pull off halle berry's look, they probably would have gotten killed. >> one star decided to ditch the high-end designers altogether. >> helen hunt got this off the rack at h and & m. >> she was wearing $700,000 worth of jewelry. >> why do i get the feeling if you were on the red carpet, you're going with the high end? >> i think so.
4:22 am
i want the $700,000 jewels. but i want the million-dollar dress. >> why not. >> that's how you get the million-dollar look. just days after returning to her anchor chair on "good morning america," our dear friend, robin roberts was on the red carpet. >> she rocked this stunning blue marc bouwer gown. she is looking at fit and fashionable as ever. >> she looks fantastic. so proud of her. after the big show, jimmy kimmel did his afterparty. >> last year's movie, the movie, has been viewed over 20 million times on youtube. the sequel features plenty of big stars. let's show you an example. >> get me the president. >> boop boop. >> madame president you have a call. >> who is it? >> jimmy kimmel. >> she's probably busy, the
4:23 am
network and the country and everything. release the tatum. >> epic stuff. bradley cooper, kerry washington, and matt damon all made appearances. >> we'll be right back. my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
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i don't know. i can ask. c'est un fruit ou un legume? it's a fish.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning at 4:28. >> a lot happening on this we have developing news off the coast of northern california where coast guard planes and ships are searching for four people who abandon the a sinking sailboat. we have the latest on what is going on. well, we don't have that report right now so we will look at the weather forecast with mike nicco . >> thank you very much. we will look at live doppler 7
4:27 am
hd. what we have is is very dry air. although some temperature are dropping down to 32 frost has been hard to fine this morning. now, the temperatures. we are running around 34 degrees in napa. 38 in concord. 39 in hayward. we are in the low-to-mid 40's elsewhere. 36 in los gatos. we will run under partly cloudy sky mostly in the let to mid 60's away from the water and in the mid-to-upper 50's. >> to the golden gate bridge our first look is clear, with no delays as you move southbound, no road work this morning. caltran starts their road work tonight. it is clear there. we have road work eastbound 580 with three right lanes blocked, the reverse commute, until 11:00 this morning and westbound is looking good.
4:28 am
mass transit shows everyone off to a great start. road work through oakland southbound 880 for half an hour. >> fremont police have arrested two people, one for a carjacking that turned into a police chase in union city yesterday. the driver smashed the stolen mercedes into a tree, and hit six other cars. a woman sitting if her car was hurt when the suspect hit her. an 18-year-old man and woman both from oakland were arrested. >> the search continues for the prime suspect in a shooting on the las vegas strip that killed an oakland man. this man is 26-year-old m.r. harris who shot and killed a rapper kenny cherry on the strip after early morning altercation. the mazurati crashed into a taxi
4:29 am
and that killed two people. police say harris has an extensive criminal history. >> the city council will take a step forward in merging fire department with neighboring redwood city city and will authorize the city manager to negotiate a new contract for joint fire service. san carlo firefighters get a 14 percent pay hike and make the same amount as redwood city. they drop add partnership with the city of belmont and reduced pay causing some firefighters to leave. >> the developing news 60 miles off the coast of northern california the coast guard is searching for fur -- four people who abandoned a sinking sailboat >> good morning. as you said the coast guard was sending when the sun

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